Published: November 29, 2023

Breaking Global Barriers: One-Click Translation With Voice Replication

simpleshow improves global communication with the launch of one-click translation. The new technology allows users to convert videos into multiple languages, automatically generating the voiceover in the chosen languages using the original voice.

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November 29, 2023 The explainer video platform simpleshow is known for the simple creation of explainer videos with highly automated text-to-video technology. Now with one-click translation, multilanguage video creation is easier and faster than ever, alleviating the need to manually translate or find native speakers to record multiple videos.

Once a project is complete, the user simply selects up to 20 languages, and the videos are instantly converted into the selected languages, complete with an accurate voiceover in the same voice as the original project.

The translation solution opens up a new world for businesses that need to reach a wider audience quickly and easily, allowing them to break into new markets and connect with people from diverse backgrounds.

Karsten Boehrs, Chief Executive Officer of simpleshow, explains: "Language should never be a barrier in communicating globally, and our translation feature aims to bridge that gap. We believe this will not only benefit our users but also contribute to a more connected business world."

With the convenience of one-click translation, the way international communication works is undergoing a significant transformation. In the past, simpleshow clients were limited to full-service offerings for language versions of their videos. Now, with this new capability, clients are empowered to effortlessly enhance their global communication in the most efficient and professional manner.

About simpleshow: simpleshow is the pioneer platform for digital products and services around explainer videos. Guided by the mission to make modern communication simple and concise, the market leader enables everyone to explain complex topics in a clear and engaging way. The AI-powered SaaS solution simpleshow video maker allows users to create professional explainer videos in more than 20 languages within just a few clicks. A magic that comes from years of experience in producing tens of thousands of videos and eLearning courses in over 50 languages. The simpleshow team caters to clients from offices in Berlin, Luxembourg, London, Miami, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Tokyo. Large international companies value simpleshow as a partner for the ability to provide simple, effective explanations.